Class Information

Sammamish Drama: a brilliant and highly educational program which teaches the values of team work and perseverance by putting on a public theatrical production. The classes are based on independence and learning how to use your time wisely, as well as working in a professional situation where everyone can contribute their own skills to enhance the production.

Acting Workshop
This course focuses on improvisational training for audience performances. Students will prepare scenes from contemporary and classical plays. They will develop a monologue for a professional audition. Some of these projects will be used in public performances and competitions. Part of the class will be spent on Acting for the camera. Students will study camera techniques for films and commercials.

Technical Theatre
Students will concentrate on the major areas of theatre technology, production and performance. Students will learn how to research and design sets and scenery, design lights and sound and learn about the roles for Stage Manager, Production Manager and House Manager. Students will learn about all areas of Technical Theatre and specialize in one or two areas. Some afternoon and evening work is required in addition to in-class production work. Behind-the-scenes stage experience will be acquired through the production of 2-3 shows during the year. Students who complete the course can pass an operations test with the district and can become employed by the district to work in the Performing Arts Centers.



Theatre Workshop
Students will learn the fundamentals of theatre, voice, movement and production design. Students will learn to read scripts for meaning, understanding, and evaluation. Students’ will rehearse to create several structured theatre events while working in cooperation with other members of the class to create an ensemble effort on stage.
The class will cover:
1. Basic stage blocking, notation, and stage movement
2. Improvisation rules, skills and structures
3. Monologues and scenes.
4. Scene work including notation, blocking, character study and ensemble
5. Stage Combat including hand to hand, sword and sword and dagger.
6. Basic Technical Theatre operations and Design
7. The Development of an idea to Stage

Theatre Production
This is an advanced class for those who wish to perform in the school play. During class, students rehearse and stage a formal production for evening performances. This class provides an opportunity for students in sports or other after school related activities to participate in a drama production. Students may be required to provide their own costumes, hand props, and make-up, with assistance from the Theatre Department.  Auditions for the Sammamish production will be held during class.

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